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Welcome to Bryan Hawker’s drag racing blog! Bryan Hawker is passionate about dragsters and drag racing. Come follow his blog to learn more about this exciting sport and the latest in dragster technology.

Bryan Hawker Dragster

Why Bryan Hawker Loves Drag Racing

Bryan loves drag racing because it is a sport of extremes. These are machines that use massive amounts of fuel and produce insane amounts of horsepower to deliver the most important thing which is raw monstrous acceleration.

It all starts at the starting line where dragster unleash mind boggling 8,000 horsepower! Standing behind a dragster is like standing behind a NASA rocket! The ground shakes and the air roars and noxious fumes rush and wash over you. When the cars leave the starting line it’s like watching a rocket ship blasting horizontally into the horizon.

Bryan Hawker’s blog gives you the very best in drag racing. This is sport where success is measured in thousandths of a second. The best drag racing drivers can do a quarter-mile in around 4 seconds flat. They experience about 5 times the force of gravity as they reach speeds in excess of 300 miles per hour. Bryan Hawker says this is amazing to witness but even more so to experience first hand. Learn more about drag racing in Bryan Hawker’s Top 10 Drag Racing Facts

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